This is our product endorsement page, the "Raw-Iron Gold Seal of Approval" if you will. We accept no advertising dollars so what we do approve of we do so because we've used the products, read the books , watched the video's etc. and trust the people who produce them. We separate the wheat from the chaff around here.

If Raw-Iron says it's good, you can rest assured... it'sgood!

Our first recommendation could only be Dave and Laree Draper. They are the first to step up to the plate when help is needed and do so without hesitation. They put that same integrity into the products that they produce and sell. From Dave's own signature product "Bomber Blend" to Dick Tyler's "West Coast BodyBuilding Scene" and everything in between, you are assured of the highest quality with customer care that sets the standard in excellence. Below are just a few of the recommended products. Be sure to look over their entire online store, you simply cannot go wrong. They are the best.

Oh and the Bomber Blend... tastes great!